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How to Manage Corporate Access More Effectively

Oct 8, 2014
4:30 PM (Add to Outlook)

It’s a perennial IR challenge: More investors want more time with senior management – while you’re faced with management’s dwindling availability and appetite for investor meetings. How can IROs be more effective in granting corporate access while targeting the right investors? IR service providers now offer innovative solutions to help IROs maximize their executives' time (more info)

Putting Together the Pieces: 2015 Outlook

Dec 9, 2014
4:30 PM (Add to Outlook)

So many factors could affect corporate profitability and investor decisions in 2015, including possible changes in Fed policy on inflation, interest rates and Treasury buyback programs; political instability in the Mideast, Ukraine and North Korea; emerging market growth rates; Congressional stalemates and the November elections. What’s in store for the coming year? Our panel of experts will dis (more info)

Leadership Skills Mini-Workshop: Seeing the Big Picture

Mar 20, 2015
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Successful investor relations officers can meld strategy, finance, communications, marketing and compliance – but superb technical knowledge and skills will not necessarily land you a promotion or a better job in another field. Our workshop will focus on identifying the most important leadership skills for the next step in your career, how to develop and demonstrate those skills, and real-world (more info)

Featured Events

2014 IR Workshop: The Art + Science of IR

This year’s NIRI-Chicago IR Workshop offers nationally recognized speakers, timely topics and great takeaways. Join us for a mix of informative presentations, panel discussions and lively interactive sessions, plus ample time for networking and one-stop shopping in the Exhibi (more info)

The Winds of Change: Compliance, Disclosure and Accountability in Today's 24/7 World

(See session summary at end of event page.) Some 80 years ago, Congress created a disclosure regime whereby government regulators did not judge the merits of a company, its board and management, or business practices. Instead, those judgments were properly (more info)

A Tornado of Activity: Did Chicago Spinoffs Enhance Value?

(See session summary at end of event page.) Chicago’s public companies have had more than their fair share of spinoffs in recent years. Abbott’s spinoff of Hospira and AbbVie; Kraft into Kraft Foods and Mondelez; Motorola into Motorola Solution (more info)

Bad Weather Ahead? 2014 Equity Market Outlook

(See session summary at end of event page.) Can this upward market trend last, or is the bubble about to burst? What will happen when the Federal Reserve takes away the “punchbowl” just when the party is getting good? Will Washington ever (more info)

NIRI-Chicago 2014 Investor Relations Workshop Focuses on Trends, Best Practices Based on Art + Science

  • (from l to r) Lisa Meers, Ruth Venning, Christine Hanneman

  • (l to r) Adam Dahl, Bill Chapman, Jeff Goldsmith and Casey Darby

  • 2014 golf outing 1st place team

  • 2014 golf outing 2nd place team

  • Debbie Koopman and Larry Larsen

  • James Christman, Ruth Venning and Lori Lauber

  • Lisa Rubinger and Victor Jendras

  • 2014 golf outing

  • NIRI-Chicago members at the NIRI annual conference

  • NIRI-Chicago members at the NIRI annual conference

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NIRI-Chicago works to advance the practice and visibility of investor relations in the Chicago area, primarily through professional development and networking opportunities. We’re one of the largest (and friendliest) NIRI chapters in the United States. We welcome new members and guests.