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Navigating the Corporate Governance Maze: Mitigating Risk in the Modern World

Jan 15, 2015
4:30 PM (Add to Outlook)

IROs beware! In recent years, corporate governance advocates have upped their efforts to target S&P 500 companies on a variety of issues. As a result of their campaign efforts, more than 90% of those companies have annual elections of directors, and more than 94% have some form of majority voting. Now, these same activists are turning their sights on the Russell 3000, where only 43% of companies h (more info)

Leadership Skills: The Critical Piece of the Puzzle (Mini-Workshop)

Mar 20, 2015
8:00 AM CT (Add to Outlook)

Successful investor relations officers can meld strategy, finance, communications, marketing and compliance – but superb technical knowledge and skills will not necessarily land you a promotion or a better job in another field. Our workshop will focus on identifying the most important leadership skills for the next step in your career, how to develop and demonstrate those skills to build influen (more info)

Insights from the Buy-Side to Win the Competition for Capital

Apr 14, 2015
4:30 PM (Add to Outlook)

Date and time subject to change.

(more info)

Communicating the Deal: Tips from IR's Best Leaders

May 14, 2015
4:30 PM (Add to Outlook)

Featured Events

Putting Together the Pieces: 2015 Outlook

(See summary at end of event page.) So many factors could affect corporate profitability and investor decisions in 2015, including possible changes in Fed po (more info)

They're Saying WHAT? An IRO's Guide to Monitoring Social Media

(See summary at end of event page.) How are key market influencers using social media to shape opinions about your company, stock and industry? Do you even know who’s active out there? Don’t be the last person to find out that Carl Icahn j (more info)

How to Manage Corporate Access More Effectively

(See session summary at end of event page.) It’s a perennial IR challenge: More investors want more time with senior management – while you’re faced with management’s dwindling availability and appetite for investor meetings. How ca (more info)

2014 IR Workshop: The Art + Science of IR

(See presentations and summaries at end of event page.) This year’s NIRI-Chicago IR Workshop offers nationally recognized speakers, timely topics and great takeaways. Join us for a mix of informative presentations, panel discussions and lively i (more info)

NIRI-Chicago 2014 Investor Relations Workshop Focuses on Trends, Best Practices Based on Art + Science

  • (from l to r) Lisa Meers, Ruth Venning, Christine Hanneman

  • (l to r) Adam Dahl, Bill Chapman, Jeff Goldsmith and Casey Darby

  • 2014 golf outing 1st place team

  • 2014 golf outing 2nd place team

  • Debbie Koopman and Larry Larsen

  • James Christman, Ruth Venning and Lori Lauber

  • Lisa Rubinger and Victor Jendras

  • 2014 golf outing

  • NIRI-Chicago members at the NIRI annual conference

  • NIRI-Chicago members at the NIRI annual conference

  • Matt Szafranski, Rebecca Corbin and Lisa Meers

  • Lisa Meers, Terri Anne Powers, Hall Weitzman, Rick Santelli and Patty Paul

  • Hal Weitzman interviews Rick Santelli at the 2014 IR Workshop

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NIRI-Chicago works to advance the practice and visibility of investor relations in the Chicago area, primarily through professional development and networking opportunities. We’re one of the largest (and friendliest) NIRI chapters in the United States. We welcome new members and guests.