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NIRI in Your Neighborhood Downtown Breakfast Roundtable

Oct 13, 2015
7:30 AM CT (Add to Outlook)

Informal breakfast roundtables are open to NIRI-Chicago members and invited guests. Pre-registration for this event is required. Walk-ins will not be permitted.
7:30 a.m. Registration and Networking
8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Discussion
(more info)

What the Changing Corporate Governance Landscape Means for You

Nov 12, 2015
4:30 PM (Add to Outlook)

Governance is now a real driver of investment decisions. Our panel of thought leaders will help you become more influential and strategic about evolving trends in corporate governance, including best practices and common pitfalls. This discussion will focus on critical topics that include executive compensation, shareholder engagement, activism and board structure. To ensure a lively discussion, (more info)

How To Get Where You Want to Go—IR Best Practices

Dec 10, 2015
4:30 AM (Add to Outlook)

Ask members of the Institutional Investor All-American Executive Team and top buy-siders what they view as IR best practices and how to get there. This free-ranging discussion will focus on the topics attendees want to discuss, which are likely to include best practices for earnings announcements, quiet periods, NDRs, analyst days and guidance. Email questions ahead of time to (more info)

Featured Events

2015 IR Workshop - Global Convergence: The New IR Reality

(See session summaries and presentations at the end of the event page.) This year’s full-day workshop discussed how globalization impacts the work of investor relations officers. We covered a wide range of topics, including global economic trend (more info)

Communicating the Deal: Tips from the Trenches

(See summary at end of event page.) According to KPMG and others, “the boom is back.” M&A has reemerged as a leading growth strategy in the United States thanks to low interest rates, record stoc (more info)

Insights from the Buy-Side to Win the Competition for Capital

(See summary at end of event page.) The capital markets have changed significantly over the last 10 years. To name just three trends: Long-term investors have shorter investment horizons, activism is on the rise, and foreign issuers are increasingly c (more info)

NIRI-Chicago 2015 Investor Relations Workshop Focuses on Global Convergence: The New IR Reality

  • (l to r) Adam Tannebaum, Kevin Kelly and Lisa Meers

  • (l to r) Elizabeth Highashi, Bill Parke, Mike Steel and Lisa Ciota

  • (l to r) Kathy Macdonald, Elizabeth Higashi and Lisa Ciota

  • 2015 IR Workshop keynote speaker Mark Zandi, chief economist, Moody's Analytics

  • Janine Warell and Victoria Sivrais

  • Marjorie Kelly and Bill Parke

  • May program panelists Varvara Alva, Mike Steele, Mark Gerstein and Brad Wilks

  • NIRI-Chicago members visit the Wells Fargo booth at the NIRI Annual Conference

  • NIRI-Chicago members at the NIRI Annual Conference

  • NIRI-Chicago members Lisa Ciota, Steve Carlson and Ryan Rendino

  • Steve Eschbach and Michael Maloney

  • Varvara Alva and Victoria Sivrais

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NIRI-Chicago works to advance the practice and visibility of investor relations in the Chicago area, primarily through professional development and networking opportunities. We’re one of the largest (and friendliest) NIRI chapters in the United States. We welcome new members and guests.